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“I am so proud to be a business owner in Mahomet. I lived in Mahomet throughout my grade school years and moved back in 2001. I opened Winderson’s in 2017 in my home and then opened our brick and mortar in 2018.  We have a community filled with residents and other business owners who truly invest in our area, it is wonderful to be a part of that. I look forward to continuing to grow Winderson’s in Mahomet and  to becoming even more involved in our great community!”

-Mary Winemiller, Owner of Winderson’s (located within Sangamon on Main)

Number of new dwelling units added within the Village of Mahomet (Jan '17 - Dec '22)
Mahomet is in Champaign County, the second largest growing county in Illinois
Village of Mahomet Median Household Income (2020 US Census data)