Zoning & Land Use

        The current zoning on property in East Mahomet Commercial Corridor and along our IL and US Routes are not necessarily indicative of the desired long term land uses. The development of the TIF district included annexation of farmland into a default zoning designation – Residential Suburban. With the adoption of the US Route 150 Corridor Plan in 2000 and the recent establishment of a school campus, zoning in East Mahomet, in particular, is flexible and the land use plan in the newly adopted Comprehensive Plan is more indicative of the intended uses. Conceptually, the Village prefers moderate intensity changes through it zoning designations. We recognize that large commercial and light warehousing uses would likely desire the interstate interchange lands and frontages on U.S. Route 150 and Prairieview Road. Zoning change requests are quite possible in this area. We welcome early inquiries as to the feasibility of any zoning changes in the East Mahomet Commercial Corridor and elsewhere in the Village.

Want particular zoning information?

          Through our participation with the Champaign County GIS Consortium, our zoning information is provided on a publically accessible website. Visit the Interactive Public Map and select the “Layer” “Mahomet Zoning” near the bottom of the selection list that pops up. If no zoning appears, Champaign County zoning applies. The Mahomet area includes significant unincorporated territory.

         While zoning control may rest with the County, subdivision is managed by the Village. If land is contiguous to corporate boundaries, annexation can include an application of a preferred zoning designation if in alignment with our long term land use plan. Staff will make every effort to run processes in parallel to save time and money.