Available Sites

   Not all available development sites are listed with brokerage services. Many local landowners indicate an interest in and willingness to consider sale, exchange, partnership or other arrangement to develop their lands currently in agricultural production.  If you know the parcel size range and general area of interest, we can assist in discussions with landowners. Many will seek out our guidance after being approached to assess the feasibility of the request with respect to land use, infrastructure requirements, zoning, and process of approval. Our early involvement as a facilitator is likely to save everyone time and money in the early exploration and feasibility phases.
      It may be that land owned by two different entities is the best siting or that a slight move of a parcel line would have advantages to adjacent landowners. Our ability to identify opportunities beyond parcel boundaries and beyond any particular land owner can be advantageous to the feasibility phase. Talk to us and we can see what your options may be; identify the likely approval processes and provide you with property and owner information.
    Other sites are listed with brokerage services. Visit landwatch.com

Exhibits of (re)Development Land