The Village of Mahomet is the fastest growing community in East Central Illinois. Between 1972 and 2014, Mahomet grew from a small town of 1,300 to nearly 8000. Since 2010, over 350 new homes have been constructed. The area is 50/50 men/women and the median age is in the mid to high 30’s. The median household income is approximately $90,000 and median house value around $200,000. The residents are highly educated with 97% graduating at least high school and over 50% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. The community is largely white alone but the percentage of other races is increasing. Given the strength of the school district, the school age population is not surprisingly 25%.

     The Village is undertaking a special census of primary growth areas in 2016 and updated information will be available when complete. (2012 Demographic Profile)

     Below are links to census-based data, but note that much of Mahomet is outside the corporate limits, so what is known as “Mahomet” is closer to 14,000 people and zip code based information is more reflective of the community. (61853)


USA City Facts (61853) United States Census Bureau  City-Data Census Viewer

Mahomet Chamber of Commerce