Local Government

The Village of Mahomet is led by an elected Village President and six (6) at-large trustees serving four year terms. A Plan and Zoning Commission meets monthly and members are appointed annually. The PZC provides recommendations to the Board of Trustees on zoning and subdivision related cases. The Board of Trustees meets three times per month enabling expeditious consideration of requests. The Mahomet Community Economic Development Commission meets quarterly to discuss opportunities and provide guidance to the BOT when requested.

The Village Administrator, a mayoral appointment, manages departments: Community Development, Public Works, Water and Wastewater, Parks and Recreation and Police departments. Village staff members, including a Village Planner and Village Engineer, are involved in the discovery and evaluation phases of any development project. They are those who will present the cases to the PZC and BOT. And as such, they can provide guidance on feasibility of projects and approvals early in the process or present requests for preliminary discussion to gauge the willingness of the Board to approve project or site related requests. While legal noticing requirements must be adhered to, we understand the importance of time and will do what we can to expedite considerations.
Small means we can provide a custom and personal service to business expansion professionals and landowners. It also means we can be quick, nimble and flexible. 


I would like to complement the Village of Mahomet. They were very cooperative and flexible allowing us to fast track our project. Village staff was extremely helpful and pro-active! Great job everyone!
Jody Wesley, OEM Development